Visit Catalina Island a hidden paradise

Catalina Island, also called Ikiita Island, is a paradisiacal tourist destination in the Dominican Republic known for its beautiful beaches, just a few kilometers south of the province of La Romana.

Did you know? Catalina Island is the second largest island in the Dominican Republic with just 15 square kilometers of surface located off the coast of the province of La Romana. It is part of Casa de Campo (La Romana).

What can you do on Catalina Island?

  • Coral reefs

The coral reef of Catalina Island is considered one of the places with the greatest marine diversity in the entire region, it has a great variety of marine corals, exotic fish of many colors, diverse marine flora, crustacean mollusks, and sea turtles that usually appear in the reef occasionally.

It is located a few meters from the coast of the island, and you can access it with the appropriate boat or by using diving equipment.

  • Shipwreck of the merchant Quedagh

Do you like pirate stories? This ship was sunk by one of the most influential pirates in history, William Kidd, in 1699. It is located a few meters from the coast of Catalina Island, you can see different parts of the mythical ship such as: cannons of the boat, the ammunition of the same, the anchors of the ship among other things more.

  • Paradise beaches

These beaches are characterized by their soft white sand and crystal-clear waters with a certain shade of turquoise, thus making it an ideal destination for those who wish to spend a day of relaxation in front of a beautiful view. Catalina Island has 3 major beaches: The North Beach, the West Beach, and the East Beach. The west beach has recently become one of the most visited by tourists from around the world. You should not miss the opportunity to meet them.

  • Diving and snorkeling in El Muro

Very close to the coast of Catalina Island, El Muro is recommended as the best diving place on the entire island.

Its name is thanks to the slope that begins on the beach and that slowly takes you to an incredible wall that falls 100 meters deep.

In El Muro you can find many corals that form a structure that resembles a garden due to the different colors, textures and shapes that corals and sponges have.

You can also find a large amount of marine fauna in the area formed by fish of all kinds, mollusks and other aquatic animals.

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